“Many of us pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that we hurry past it.” Soren Kierkegaard

Transform old beliefs such as…

  • “My penis is too small/ too soft”
  • ” I don’t love my body”
  • “I don’t feel anything”
  • “I come too quick/too slow”
  • ” Sex is sinful”
  • “I am too old to feel pleasure”
  • “Men only want sex”
  • “My body type is unattractive”
  • “There is something WRONG with me”
  • “Marriage is monotonous/sex gets boring for everyone”
  • “I can’t orgasm”
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Why learn about Sex?

Sex education can be a touchy subject. Our society is bombarded with many perspectives; religions; cultures; schools; family’s; and media. This knowledge as any knowledge does has the ability to program and influence personal thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.

Learn simple tools and access knowledge (at your fingertips) in the intimate world of sex and sexuality.

Alex Fox creates a fun and safe space for personalized “sex edge-ucation”. Learn at your own pace at home or in person. For adult singles and couples of all sexes, genders, and identities.

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