About Alex


The vision is hands-on and down-to-earth sexuality education.  Alex Fox provides embodiment workshops for adults, both online and in person, igniting individual awareness for collective growth.

Sex and Sexuality Education

Alex’s playful approach brings a natural and self-empowering space for adults of all sexes, genders, identities and abilities, to evolve erotically with pleasure. Bodywork sessions, online pleasure coaching, and embodiment workshops are created specifically around the needs of the individual/couple/group.

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The journey into the unknown…

My adventurous New Zealand childhood and rebellious tween-age years provided a robust platform to explore the less ordinary and yearn for more.. more truth… more passion… more magick.

A decade of world travel assisted gaining a professional and ever-deepening connection to massage therapy, dance, yoga, shamanic practice, coaching, and sexological bodywork. Travel showed me that being present in experience is an opportunity to embody wisdom, or even more exciting sense wisdom being ‘turned on’ through the body. Lighting up wonders in the form of insight or intuitions.

It was in this way that I began my Exotic Dance debut in Melbourne…

Performing in front of tens of thousands of people Australia-wide, over the course of 4 years changed me. This highly paradoxical way of life taught me about how different sexes treat each-other for better or worse. I learned how to transform extrinsic attention into deep loving embodiment from within the skin.


There is something powerful in accessing and revealing the inner erotic…the sensually bold and fearlessly natural… that excites or daunts more than just the mind. My passion is to playfully encourage what yearns to be expressed, yet often suppressed. Each unique offering from Pleasure Coaching to Strip Back to Love supports adults to explore embodied living… one layer at a time.


Thank you to my family, especially to my teachers Kristin Viken, Razel Wolfe, and all who have contributed to a decade of professional experience/continual development:

  • Bachelors in Sociology (psychology) Student ( Swinburne University Australia 2016-present)
  • Somatic Sexological Bodyworker ( Dawlish, UK; 2017)
  • Quodoshka Logistics Team ( Mullumbimby, Australia; 2016- present)
  • Shamanic Dearmoring Assistant ( Mullumbimby, Australia; 2015- present)
  • Certified Life Coach/ NLP/ Matrix Therapies ( Australia; 2016)
  • Red Lodge Long House 4 year Program (Mullumbimby, Australia 2014-present)
  • Taoist/Tantra Feminine Arts Facilitator (Koh Phangan, Thailand; 2013)
  • Mystical Dance Facilitator (Koh Phangan, Thailand; 2012)
  • Yoga Alliance Certified (200hr) teacher ( Goa, India; 2010)
  • Massage Therapy (Calgary, Alberta (1200hrs); London UK; 2006-2008)
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