“We’re Streaking!”

Have you ever seen that 2003 movie Old School where Frank is running down the main road naked (alone) when his wife drives past ” We’re streaking…”?

Frankly underneath it all we all have a middle aged guy reliving his youth in the form of getting naked and running from the quad to the gymnasium. Why? Because it’s freeing…and a bit cheeky!

I have been fascinated with getting naked my whole life. Mum ( I love you) still reminds me to this day how even as a wee tot, I’d run full bull towards the freezing cold southern New Zealand ocean stripping my clothes off to jump in.

An awkward prepubescent interlude ensued where “NO ONE!” was allowed to see me. Thankfully a couple of years later, I was fully fledged nuddy runner with the nickname “Mando” ( short for “going commando”).

By the time I tweened, I had notched on my nuddy belt everything from; riding paddle boats; snow boarding; water skiing; driving around town; to an assortment of all bodies of water from puddles to glacial lakes. Nothing like a full moon on a full moon.

For the next naked decade I walked around many-a-festival; explored being a body paint model; and primarily made a profession out of getting naked in front of crowds…and got flown all over Australia doing what I loved best…having fun…and being a bit cheeky!

This naked taboo helped me learn to love my body… something about stripping off at inappropriate times turns me on with life.

Go on…treat your inner cheekiness…get your kit off!

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