Erotic Professionals

Coaching for exotic dancers and sex industry professionals. Alex Fox provides a safe space for you to explore your personal and professional goals.

  • Getting into or out of the industry. Develop skills so you can begin working confidently. Learn inside knowledge: dancer etiquette and the general do’s and don’ts. Feeling stuck and don’t know how to get out?
  • Increase confidence and skills. Whether you are a masseuse, dancer, pro, tantra goddess etc there is always more to explore.
  • Creating balance in life. So now that you are making a lot of cash learn how to get grounded and focussed on your next steps.
  • Safety. This is a big arena of self-care and your responsibility¬†with clients.
  • Erotic connection. Learn a deeper art of tease, pleasure, and communication. Learn how to create “regulars”.
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