Hands-On At Home

Pleasure Coaching helps people learn about their bodies and pleasure with practical education. For singles and couples alike.

Jump into this new exploration in the safety of your own home and practice either with yourself and/or partner. Alex Fox will support your journey and provide simple hands-on tools to engage with (during or after the session at your discretion).

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Session Structure Includes:

  • Intention: focus awareness
  • Movement: body awareness, integrated flow, yoga, qi gong, pelvic freedom, undulations, and/or shaking.
  • Breathe: up-regulate and down-regulate
  • Sound: expression and guide
  • Communication: agreement making and embodied communication.
  • Touch: consensual within agreements and type of session/workshop.
  • Anchor: Concise gain/understanding from the session.
  • Installation: time to absorb the process