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What can I learn about in a Pleasure Coaching Session?

Sex education can be a rather touchy subject for many. Our society is bombarded with diverse perspectives; religions; cultures; schools; family’s; and media. This knowledge as any knowledge does has the ability to program and influence personal thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.

Learn simple tools and access knowledge (at your fingertips) in the intimate world of sex and sexuality.

Alex Fox has a down to earth approach which creates a fun and safe space to discover your inner “sex ed-edge”. For adult singles and couples of all sexes, genders, and identities.

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Ejaculatory choice

Develop body knowing to choose when you ejaculate. For people with vulva’s explore how to squirt/ejaculate.

Genital Confidence

Learn how to love and appreciate your genitals in all its shapes and forms.

Self Pleasure/ Masturbation

Techniques to increase pleasure. Toys and more.

Embodied Communication

Connect to how to ask for what you want and listen to your partner’s needs.


Effectively explore different styles of touch which can increase pleasure inside (and outside) of the bedroom.

Anatomy of Arousal

Discover how different genital configurations get turned on and express pleasure.


Improve intimacy with self and others.


how the similarities and differences between sexes/genders/identities affect how pleasure is experienced.


Do you desire to access and expand your erotic repertoire?