Tuning in to “Turning On”

Have you ever considered what Turn On means?

Often the etymology of sex related words are not so sexy after all. For example, if you start exploring sacred sexuality ( in particular Tantra) you may quickly discover that Vagina means “sheath” or “scabbard” in Latin, which promptly gets switched out for the Sanskrit word Yoni… which loosely translates to “Sacred Space”, “Abode”, or “Source”.

Before I tangent into the magical realm of personal and public genital names (think ” Princess Foo Foo” from How to Loose a Guy in 10 days) , lets get back track to Turn On.

According to Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary:

The primary definition of Turn: “is to rotate around a central axis”

If you continue to peruse the Merriam-Webster online dictionary (as I did) there is an assortment of definitions which conglomerate together in a computerized dictionary version of “The Joy of Sex”.

So next word:

On: “to make physical contact and supported by”.

Maybe I didn’t totally get off Turn before I got on On but I did get a vivid image out of the Main Course section ( pg 91) for those really wanting to see what goes inside of my head.

Another word play to explore…

According to Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary:

Turn On

transitive verb

1to activate or cause to flow, operate, or function by or as if by turning a control 

  • turn the water on full
  • turn on the power

2a to move pleasurably 

  • rock music turns her on

also to excite sexually

b to cause to gain knowledge or appreciation of something specified 

  • turned her on to ballet
c to cause to undergo an intense often visionary experience by taking a drug; broadly to cause to get high
Smoosh all the definitions together we get a playful way to engage…
Imagine connecting to your innate ability to Turn On your own flow/ power by moving pleasurably and feel excited sexually whilst gaining knowledge to access visionary experiences.
Tuning in to Turning On is well worth a visit….

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